Reid Ribble

U.S. Congressman (R)
Wisconsin – Eight Congressional District

Reid Ribble is a member of the House of Representatives elected to represent the people of Wisconsin’s 8th District in 2011. A third generation and lifelong Wisconsin resident, Reid is a leader in the push for a more functional and accountable government through a return to regular order.  He takes very seriously his obligation to make tough decisions to preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security not only for today’s seniors, but also our children and grandchildren.  Reid owned and operated his family’s small business for over 30 years, so he knows the importance of a balanced budget.   With that experience, he is working in Congress to get our fiscal house back in order with responsible spending priorities and long-term budgeting that will give families and businesses the certainty they need. Reid has fought to bring common sense back to government through his legislative work, and will continue to do so through his seats on the Transportation and Infrastructure and Foreign Affairs committees. Reid has authored the Biennial Budgeting and Enhanced Oversight Act to make Congress budget smarter, and has introduced constitutional amendments requiring a balanced budget and mandating term limits.